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 ADA was founded in 1988, and since then we have been designing, developing and producing the world's finest wheels and other innovative cycling components, and providing unsurpassed training and technical support to the cycling community.

ADA Personnel


Ada Beers
    Ada is the wife of Cees and co-owner of ADA. In addition to lending her name to ADA products, she keeps the books for the business and supplies the social "spirit" and pleasant working atmosphere

Cees Beers
    Cees is the founder and co-owner of  ADA.  He is trained as a bike builder, CNC engineer, CAD/CAM/CAE engineer and robot programmer and welder. Cees designed and developed ADA wheels, bottom brackets, ProRider training software and many other high-tech products.  He's also a former world-class endurance athlete. 
Michel Beers
    Michel is the son of Ada and Cees.  He is working with his father to learn all facets of the business.
Wendy Beers
    Wendy is the daughter of Ada and Cees.

ADA Research, Design and Manufacturing Facility
To meet the increasing demand for ADA products and services, we have recently finished constructing a state-of-the-art facility.  The new ADA headquarters is one of the world's most technologically sophisticated research, design and manufacturing facilities devoted to cycling products and services.
  • 720 square-meters
  • Radiant floor heat to eliminate air currents
  • Metal walls to eliminate dust
  • The wheel curing area is temperature- and humidity-controlled
  • An SRM monitoring room with a window designed for viewing and filming riders
  • A rider test lab that allows measurement of airflow
  • A photography dark room that also facilitates microscopic contrast measurement for precision machined parts
  • A computer room that contains the advanced hardware and software needed to run the various rider, training and equipment analysis programs

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